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From Hungary to the world

BeLazy is an up-and-coming startup based in Hungary and founded by former memoQ CEO & Founder István Lengyel. In a nutshell, BeLazy is a technology platform that helps to streamline and automate the receipt, management, and delivery of translation projects from multiple translation management systems and vendor portals to bring efficiency into dealing with small, repeating translation jobs.

In April 2019, István reached to us to share the news about his new project and since then on we have collaborated with his team on daily basis.

Very few agencies are capable of understanding and creating relevant content on technology and localization. They are!

István Lengyel


Building a memorable brand

Brand building is a complex process. It requires defining and blending elements such as values, promise, perception, positioning, and voice. We guided BeLazy during the initial process of brand building, helping their team strike the perfect balance between techy and geeky and developing a style guide that defined colors, font, and a logo that matched their identity.

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We also supported their team with workshops to understand how to position their business in the world of localization.


A user-friendly web experience

BeLazy’s website is the front door to its cloud-based system. Through it, users can quickly sign up or log into the platform, or book a demo with their sales team. We supported BeLazy with the website development process and continue to create new landing pages that improve positioning for search engines (SEO) or support specific marketing campaigns like virtual webinars.

Marketing automation via MailChimp

Once the BeLazy website was up and running, we designed a marketing automation process using API calls that trigger automatic emails based on user’s events in the platform. The content in the emails was carefully crafted to help users get started with BeLazy on their own, without further need for support or assistance.

All the mailings have been prepared with tracked URLs which then are automatically grouped in Google Analytics under a single Onboarding campaign for better reporting.

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Using social media to warm up decision markers

For a B2B company like BeLazy it’s not critical to have a shiny Facebook or Instagram page, but a strong presence in LinkedIn instead — which is where their potential customers are to be found. To get the best possible results, we combine different kinds of content pieces, from customer testimonials to learning material to inspirational posts. 

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Showing business value through stories

Customer stories are essential to develop trust and shed light on what type of services you offer. We helped BeLazy shape a type of customer story structure that communicates their business value clearly and coordinated marketing efforts between their internal team and customers to craft content pieces that can be utilized for sales purposes. Our team helps design and develop the content for the web.